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Panorama picture from Røros Municipality in Norway


Røros has its own Supervisor of Historic Buildings and Monuments. Prominent in the town center is the church, a tall baroque building seating 1500, build when the Copper Works was enjoying the zenith of its power in 1784 to "the glory of God and the adornment of the town". Nearby lies the oldest farm in Røros, The Aasen Manor, was built by the huntsman Hans Olsen Aasen who was the first to find copper in the mountains east of Røros.

In 1980 Røros was listed by UNESCO as one of the 300 locations in the world most deserving of preservation. The town has a character of its own. History still lives today in the fiction of Johan Falkberget who portrayed this mining community so well in his novels. Today Røros is a modern society based on industry, agriculture and forestry, and employing a good number of service occpuations. Tourism is steadily increasing with a great deal of traffic in the summer. Røros celebrated its 350-year anniversary in 1994.