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Panorama picture from Røros Municipality in Norway


The most significant ore deposits in the region (copper and zinc) are located in the area dominated by schist. In the King`s Mine, and somewhat also in the mines at Muggruva and Storwartz, ore is found in association with gabbro rock types. Chrome has been produced from deposits in serpentine rock in the Feragsfjell mountain area. These minerals disinguish themselves in the terrain by their red-brown color, as may seen at Rauhammeren mountain.

Climate and bedrock are important factors in determining the plantlife and thus also tha animals that thirve in an area. Røros date its origin to 1646 when the first smelting hut at the Copper Works (1644-1977) was set up near the waterfall at the river Hitterelva that runs through the town. A cosmpolitan town developed around these huts, having two parellel streets (Kjerkgata and Bergmannsgata) and blocks of houses laid according to the square-grid renaissance pattern favored by the "mining king" Christian 6.