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Panorama picture from Horten Municipality in Norway


If you take a trip up to the fort on "Horten's roof", you will quickly see that in Horten itself there are only two tall church spires. One is the Gothic style Garrison church at Karljohansvern naval base. Built in 1855, the Norwegian artist Harald Kihle painted the church interior in 1925. The other is the Methodist church in the middle of town, just above the square. Constructed in 1875, the church has beautiful architecture, and is extremely well maintained.

Many other religious communities and churches are also present here. The, independent evangelical denomination Smiths Venner was started in Horten by a naval officer and has around 7,000 members in 25 countries. Another internationally known name from Horten is the missionary Annie Skau Berntsen.

Like other cities on the go Horten prides itself on its progressive business community, which is made up of a large number of small and medium-sized companies. The expression "Electronic Coast" is well known and refers to the large cluster of electronics firms within the city limits. Traditional industries are also well established here, as are maritime-related firms. A national centre for pollution control and maritime safety was recently opened at Fyllingafyret.