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Ås in Norway Ås municipality coat of arms


103,1 km2

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Ås muncipality has approximately 17.400 inhabitants and covers a area of 103,1 km2. Farming and forestry have always been important for settling and employment in Ås. The main attractions are the Agricultural University of Norway, burial mounds along the Drøbak road, Tusenfryd amusement park and Viking Land, the Årungen recreation area and a rowing stadium. Kroer Church, Nordby Church and Ås Church.

The most important motorways and main roads to and from the whole of Norway go through Akershus. Travelers by train, coach, car and boat to and from the area around Oslo have to pass through Akershus. There is a very good public transport system carrying large numbers of passengers between Akershus and the surrounding area daily, facilitating travel around the county. This provides an alternative to the big city, whether it's for just an afternoon trip or a longer stay. You can get to all parts of Akershus within one hour from the centre of Oslo. The most modern airport in Europe lies in Akershus Oslo Airport.


This is the largest amusement park in Norway, conceived as a smaller version of Copenhagen's Tivoli. TusenFryd is the only classical amusement park in Norway, with many different attractions appealing to all ages, such as the roller coaster sensation the "Sky Coaster" for the bravest, and the "Nissetun" for our youngest visitors There are also roundabouts, remote-controlled cars, a roller coaster with a loop and corkscrew, an amphitheater with all-day entertainment by performers such as musicians and clowns, and many games of skill or chance. There are lots of other attractions, as well as shops and many places to eat.


VikingLandet is Norway's only theme park from the Viking Age. Here you can experience a real Viking society complete with boat building, fields and farm animals. You will meet earls and slaves, farmers and warriors. Craftsmen show their trades, e.g. blacksmithing. You can be onboard a "danger filled" Viking raid with Leif Eriksson himself at the helm.


482 years after da Vinci´s death his drawing of a bridge came to life. The bridge is now build. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)..A 240 metre long bridge, which is a smaller-scale recreation of a bridge that Leonardo da Vinci proposed in 1502 for the crossing of the Golden Horn. It was created by Norwegian painter and artist Vebjørn Sand as part of his Da Vinci project. The bridge serves as a pedestrian crossing over European route E18.

Vebjørn Sand a norwegian painter born in Bærum. He is behind "Ice-castle", a winterhappenig at Holmenkollen, the "Peace-star" at Gardermoen and two expeditions to Southpole and Queen Maud´s Land and now the da Vinci bridge.


An agricultural museum with an interactive exhibit "encounters with the milk ramp", picture games, and a children's section as well as temporary exhibitions. Café and museum shop. Your visit can be combined with a trip to the beautiful park at the Agricultural University of Norway.


Guidee tours of the park and buildings, the arbour, rosarium, geological collection, the agricultural museum and the dairy museum. The park can be visited free of charge without a guide.


If you like rural antiques then a visit to Antikklåven in Ås is a must. The farm´s barn and cowshed are full of anitiques and bric-a-brac with many bargains to be had. Sale of dried flower arrangements and traditional elves and lessons in how to make them.


Krukkegården is one of the country`s best range of frost-proof gareden pots. The cowshed has been converted into a gallery with jewellery, handicrafts, paintings. Gift shop with home-made sweets, pottery, flowers, candles, various jellies herbs and other items.


Ås & Vestby Golfclub is under construction.