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Evje og Hornnes

Evje og Hornnes in Norway Evje og Hornnes municipality coat of arms


550,3 km2

Evje og Hornnes Local Directory

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The natural centre of Evje og Hornnes district is the community of Evje. which has developed into a trading centre in Indre Agder. Evje and Hornnes muncipality has approximately 3.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 550,3 km2. The district straddles a traffic junction with Rv 39 running south-north and Rv 42 east-west. The district can offer a wide range of cultural and sporting activities. We have lots of old mines and a family trip to Evje Mineralsti can be recommended. You have the opportunity to pick up some minerals yourself if you obtain a mineral card from the Setesdal Informasjonssenter.

If you are lucky you might be able to find some of the beautiful blue-green amazonite. At the Fennesfoss museum there is also a collection of local minerals. The famous researcher Marie Curie had several consignments of radioactive minerals sent to her from this region. Several of these minerals and much of her laboratory equipment is to be found at the museum. At Ausneset, 5 km south of Evje, is the Setesdal Mineralpark with some 1.000 square metres of exhibition space, blasted out of the rock.

These rooms contain minerals from every continent, although the local minerals naturally occupy a central position among the exhibits. We can also offer speed and excitement at the go-kart track which lies along side the Rv 39 at Hornnes. Everyone from 9 - 90 can take part. Evje and Hornnes has a wide choice of eating places and restaurants, with entertainment several evenings a week.


Setesdal Mineral Park lies in a mining area rich in tradition, where copper and nickel ore has been extracted from the mines at Flåt since 1844, and mining of quartz, feldspar and rare minerals has been carried out from the 1880´s up to the present. A great number of mineral collectors have visited the mines during all this time in search of mineral "treasures".


At Fennefoss you will find Evje and Hornnes Museum. Exhibition of minerals mainly from the Evje and Iveland area are the museum´s main attraction. A Collection of local rocks. Information of Flåt nickel mine, in addition to local cultural history: peasant culture, handicraft, schoolhouse and the oldest pharmacy in the Setesdal Valley.


The mineral trail covers five mines, three of which are of particular interest to collectors. In addition there are two nickel mines in the area. A 2 km nature trail form a connecting link between the mines. Superb for family outings.


By arrangement only off season. Minerals, stone jewellery and gifts made of stone.


Artist and poner with workshop and sales outlet in the centre of Evje.


Byglandsfjorden is the largest inland lake in this region measuring 40 kilometers in length. The lake and the surrounding area is a natural paradise with many beautiful places for bathing and fishing. "Bjoren" is in service on the lake as it was for 60 years from 1897, with start and finish at Byglandsfjord and Ose. Byglandsfjord is situated 70 km north of Kristiansand.


The only wood-burning steamboat in the country "Bjoren" built 1866. In the early years "Bjoren" came into service on the lake Kilefjorden. In 1896 the narrow.gauge railway to Byglandsfjord opened, and there was no longer any basis for traffic on Kilefjorden. "Bjoren" was then transported to Byglandsfjorden where it ran in regular service up to 1957. From 1920 busses replaced a lot of the boat traffic. When the road along the western part of the lake was built in the 1950's the whole basis for the boat service disappeared, and "Bjoren" was taken out of use. A boat trip on Byglandsfjorden is a wonderful nature experience. A trip on the old wood-burning steamboat "Bjoren" offers you a unique experience. Allow time for a trip. We feel confident that it will become one of your best holiday memories.


Rafting is an invigorating and exciting activity for adventurers and involves paddling down river and along open stretches in rubber dinghies. White water rafting is a risky activity. Do not go out alone. We strongly advise that you participate in groups with a qualified instructor. The minimum age limit for participating is 18 (15 years with parental guidance).

Troll Mountain as is one of the largest and most experienced providers of outdoor adventure activities in Scandinavia. They have different activities, Bow and Arrow/Axe/Rifle, Canoeing, Fishing Safari, Golf, Horse Riding, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis and Football, Rollerblades, Mountain biking, Mountain Trekking, Paintball, Pro Rafting & Riverboard, Rafting, River Kayak Courses, Rock Climbing, Sailing, Team Building, Water Skiing, Wakeboard, Bronco Riding, Wildlife Safaris and Winter ski trips.

The activities we arrange on Byglandsfjord, 5 minutes north from the centre is Sailing, Windsurfing, Water skiing and wakeboarding and Banana boat. Troll Mountain use a Zodiac Pro II with a 90 HP motor this gives us plenty of acceleration for all activities.


Fishing-rod or net (by arrangement). The salmon-type "Bleka", dwarf salmon, trout and perch. Fishing licence.


Setesdal Golfclub is under construction.