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Iveland in Norway Iveland municipality coat of arms


261,6 km2

Iveland Local Directory

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Iveland district is a typical agriculture and forestry community with approximately 1,400 inhabitants and a area of 261,6 km2 and lies in Aust Agder. You have left the beaten track when you come to Iveland - even though it is in the centre of Sørlandet. There are many and varied outdoor activities on offer. Peaks in the area Berefjell, Slottbakkfjellet and Avdagsfjellet. You will find empty spaces where you can enjoy peace and quiet, or you can go berry-picking or fishing, paddle in the Otra or Ogge lakes.

Ogge is a gold mine of innumerable tiny tree-covered islands. Perhaps you will stumble across an elk, deer, fox, hare, marten or beaver. Nomeland power station has some beautiful old buildings, and parts of the old log run are intact. The old dam from the Kringsjå power station has been restored.

Iveland is internationally famous for its mineral riches, with some 400 mines and quarries in the district. Of the world's about 3,500 different minerals approximately 100 are to be found in Iveland. Some deposits, such as the Hålands mine and Knipen mining area, are open to the public.

Admission tickets are available from the Iveland council offices, Ivelandstaua and at the Tourist Information at Evje. Ivelandstaua is a little place which sells local handicrafts and holds art exhibitions in the barn Iveland is also home to many able potters. The council´s mineral collection is exhibited at the Iveland Community House.


Voss is a Norwegian brand of bottled water, bottled in Vatnestrøm. Perhaps more to the point in today's world of lifestyle trends, Voss's stunning cylindrical package has quickly developed a superior image and significant market share in the ultra-premium bottled water segment. The company adds bicarbonate to the sparkling version, hence the elevated mineral reading compared to the still version.


More than 300 mines and excavations are registered in the area and there about 100 different minerals, some of them extremely rare. The best known is Thortveitite, named after the Olaus Thortveit of Iveland. Others are topaz, monazite, columbite, amazonite and spesartine. An exciting area with opportunities for good mineral collectors.


Evje and Iveland have a long history as a exiting locality for rare and attractive mineral specimens. Setesdalsgruvene is a group of landowners that has opened their quarries and against a small fee visitors are allowed to collect threir own specimens.


This museum you will find on the Fjermedal farm, about 5 km. north of Vatnestrøm. Round the home fields there are 14 - 15 grave-mounds. A little further south is Borgåsen. There you will find the remains of a district castle, probably from around 400 – 600 AD. On the museum itself there is a courtyard surrounded by old houses. The buildings have been moved from different locations in Iveland and Vegusdal. The Engesland house is a typical farm-house from our district. The oldest part is from the 17th century. A fireproof building holds an exibithion of soil-findings, tools, furniture, textiles, books and other objects that people from Iveland and Vegusdal have used through time. Iveland and Vegusdal Museum-association owns and runs the museum today. The association was founded in 1974, and got the collection of artefacts from Aslak Fjermedal. Opening hours are usually from 12.00 – 17.00 during school vacation (only sundays).


The Leesland estate lies in a beautiful natural setting about 6 km from Rv 403. The oldest part of the estate is from the 17th century, and it a place with long traditions. An old baking cellar has been transformed into a ceramics workshop while the potato cellar has become a very distinctive sales exhibition. Lots of exciting ceramics and other arts and crafts. Pottery and exhibition. Local homecraft and hand-made goods.


This is the only one of the school-houses in the municipality that stands just the way it was built originally, in 1877. The year 1959/60 was the final year this building was used for educational puposes. Eieland school-house was selected to be a part of the municipality´s cultural heritage in 1997. The school- house has its own committee. The school-house can be rented and used for arrangements.


It was built in 1836 and inagurated in 1837, and is probably the third church on this location. The master builder was Anders Thorsen Syrtveit. Originally Iveland church was painted red on the outside, but was after a short period of time painted white. The altarpiece was made by Lars Olav Stedjen, and decorating painter Gunnar Haugland decorated the interior of the church. The church´ present organ is from 1967, and the oldest of the two church-bells was casted in Helsingoer in Denmark in 1656. Nearby Iveland church is a memorial statue of the misionary priest Thorkild Rosaas. He worked in Madagascar from 1869 through 1907. A replica of the memorial statue is placed on Square Rosaas in Antsirabe in Madagascar.


The district castle on Slottbakkfjellet: Look for a roadsign about 0,5 km. west of Birketveit along RV 403. The 400 meter long path leads up to the castle-area. Almost at the top, there is a natural gate. The remains of the castle-walls are visable in the south-west and to the north. Up on the platoe there has probably been a watersourse. Be aware of the steep cliff on the east-side of the castle.


On Birketveit you will find a swimming area well suited for children. Lavatories and a play hut for children are also placed here. Playing beachvolleyball is also possible. On Skaiå (Øverokilen) there is also a popular swimming area with a lavatory. Near Bakkane in Vatnestrøm there has recently been made a fine swimming area with a beach.


4 marked summer pathways. Mines, a local fortress, the hiding place for the resistance during the 2nd World War. The area with many paths is located on Skisland, south in Iveland municipality. 10 km with marked paths, with possibilities for shorter options. The path over to Bjørkestøl reaches hights of about 200 meters above sea-level in beautiful scenary.


Ogge is one of the country's most attractive paddling Eldorados with its 365 large and small islands. Unspoilt countryside. The lake has 70 km of shoreline. Numerous islands and islets, narrow necks of water, and sheltered creeks are waiting for you. Here you can experience the idyllic nature and its wildlife. The area has a large population of elks, roe-deers and bevers. At Ogge Guesthome you can hire canoes and other equipment for a oneday outing, or for an overnight-stay outdoors.


Ogge Pony trekking, hour hire, day trips and 2 day trips with accommodation.


Fishing opportunities are exellent, and you decide for yourself where your camp-, swim- or fishing-spot should be. Good trout and perch fishing in Otra and Ogge. Fishing licence.


Golfclubs in Aust Agder and Vest Agder.