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Lillesand in Norway Lillesand municipality coat of arms


189,8 km2

Lillesand Local Directory

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Lillesand muncipality has approximately 10.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 189,8 km2 in Aust Agder, of which about 700 are in the old town centre. On the way to Kokkenes you can find the town's oldest house, "Sandra Svendsens hus". It was built in 1723 by a sailor, Søren Berntsen. Lars Christian Langaard, grandfather of the tobacco magnate Conrad Langaard, lived there at the beginning of the 19th century. The house is still intact and has its original exterior and windows. It is listed under the Act of 1924.

In addition to being famous for its architecture, Lillesand is also known for its displays of flowers in the summer. A guided trip around the town, meet at Tollboden.


Lillesand Town Hall is built in 1734 as a residence and later extended to its present size, probably in 1816. Bought by Lillesand district in 1948. Tollboden a wooden clad building. Originally a quay warehouse. The customs house was probably built in the 1730's and was first used as a customs house in 1834. The house with the mansard roof across the street - next to the "Grand Hotel" - was the customs officer's offcial residence. The customs house is now listed. Became a listed building in 1991.


A wooden clad building. Originally a quay warehouse. The customs house was probably built in the 1730's and was first used as a customs house in 1834. The house with the mansard roof across the street - next to the "Grand Hotel" - was the customs officer's offcial residence. The customs house is now listed. Became a listed building in 1991.


Town festival with some 90 different events taking place around the town during the festival period.


A big celebration of the rebel farmer Kristian Lofthus (1750 - 1797).


Sightseeing tours in Blindleia, departing from Skottevig Maritime Senter.


Swimming and sightseeing tours to Skauerøya island via Brekkestø. Enjoy the beauty of Blindleia Channel onboard the MS Ågerøy, which departs from the Tollbodbrygga quay beside the Tourist Information Office. Discount for families.


Town centre by bus station. Marina and service workshop for boats. Taxi Central. Launderette. Shower, WC, disabled WC, washing, drying, refuse, boat toilet emptying.


Sailing area, from the centre of Lillesand to Gamle Hellesund - Ulvøysund. The inner archipelago affords plentiful opportunity for open-air activities, enjoying the coastal scenery and outports. Blindleia has its own activity map together with a brochure which contains information about the maritime coastal culture, nature, outdoor life and local places of historical interest. Public park. Regulations governing the use of boats. Owned by the state, the local district authority and privately.


Høvag is the old administrative centre for the district of Høvag. Fused with Vestre Moland and Lillesand districts in 1962. There is the old council house, old people's home, post office, bank and shops. The old parsonage in Høvag (now privately owned) was the childhood home of the poet Gabriel Scott. Guided tours in Gabriell Scott's Høvag. Combined tour by bus-boat where the place names in Høvag mentioned in Gabriell Scott's works are presented. Meeting point beside Høvag Church. May, June and September by arrangement.


Brekkestø is one of the old beautiful outer harbours. Summer guests started to visit Brekkestø before 1900, but it was actually the Oslo artists who discovered it as a holiday place in the summer. Many famous people spent their holidays here. Lillebil Ibsen and her sister came here as children, together with their mother. Gabriel Scott wrote "Kilden" and "Himmellosen" here, while Nils Kjær was famous for his "Brekkestø Letters".

Christian Krogh was a regular guest and used the people here as subjects for his pictures. Boating thrives here in the summer, and it has become a popular meeting place for yachtsmen. Brekkestø has a public jetty, summer shops, fuel sales outlet, post office and toilets.


Ulvøysund is an old harbour which is also known by foreign ships. It is called Wolfsund on an old Dutch map from 1588. Nobody knows how long there have been people living here permanently, but the inn, the big house on the east side of the Skolebrygga, is said to be ovcr 400 years old.

In about 1670 Christian Jørgensen Ulvøen lived here. He was a citizen of Christiansand and had both money and good social rank. The mooring rights and inn were profitable. Christian IV is said to have spent the night here and the inn was in operation until 1854.

The inn was run by "Mother Ulvøysund" before it closed. She was known and loved from Lindesnes to the Swedish frontier. The place was also probably used as a loading port for oak which was shipped to Holland and England. It is said that there were as many as 72 sailing ships wintering here in 1860.

Today Ulvøysund is best known as a holiday resort, with only one or two people living here permanently. There is a road leading right down to the sound.


According to an old Dutch sea-chart from 1596, the place was called Olde Hil Sondt. It was an old customs post and a refuge for sailing vessels. There has been a settlement here since 1729. In the 19th century a small shipy ard was built together with a beam bench (jetty with a keelhauling slip). There was a smithy there, too.

A number of shops were started up, including a photographic studio and a milliners. In the house known as Cuba there was a shoemaker´s workshop with 10 apprentices. The town also boasted a school and a post office, while the customs station in Langholmsund remained in operation until 1958. The boat connection between Kristiansand and Arendal, which dates from the 1870´s, was essential for the island dwellers on the BLlNDLEIA channel.

The arrival of the boat was the main event of the day for the little community. "Activ", "Alfen", "Skiold" and "Øya" were the best known boats in their time. "Øya" still plies the route Lillesand - Kristiansand from 24 July 15 August.


Has "stair-shaped" rocks with a square cleft in the cliff. It is said that Nattviktangen was where the last wit ches to be burnt in Sørlandet were executed.


Historical archaeological experimental farm, dating back 3800 years. Reconstructed farm. Nature trails. Out of opening hours, open by prior arrangement.


A beautiful canal providing a new gateway to a pleasant little trip just beside Blindleia. The passage is 200 metres. The canal, which was previously an old sea route, has opened the way for boat traffic in to Kirkekilen from Blindleia by the Kvanneid fjord.


Outport featuring a coastal landscape and beautiful natural setting. On the island there are good cycling paths. Privately owned.


Island outside Lillesand centre with footpaths, natural landscape, swimming beaches, farm buildings. (Lions rent it from the district). Public outdoors area subject to the Outdoors Act and rules governing general behaviour.


The archipelago park stretches from Malmen on the sea approach to Grimstad district. An extension towards Kristiansand is planned. The park protects the archipelago and the vulnerable nature of the coast. There are landing and swimming facilities for those coming by boat, with mooring holts, toilets, jetties, etc. Public park with its Own bylaws.


Sørlandet Dykkesenter with sale of diving equipment, diving school, refilling of aqua lungs and service. Hire of diving equipment. Diving tours every day. Diving jobs.


The actual journey through "the kingdom of the beaver" takes place in a canoe. After the canoe tour, there will be time for you to canoe a little on your own.


M/S Øya runs fishing trips every Tuesday and Thursday. There is good fishing from the shore or from a boat. Sea-angling trips can be arranged on a hired boat. The ocean has always been an important means of sustenance. Sea-fishing is unrivalled here. Try your luck casting the line from the rocky foreshore. A day at sea is an unforgettable experience, fishing either from a smack or a cutter, a bite is virtually guaranteed.


Golfclubs in Aust Agder.