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Tvedestrand in Norway Tvedestrand municipality coat of arms


217,8 km2

Tvedestrand Local Directory

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The people of Tvedestrand like to call their town "the dimple of southern Norway". In the summer the harbour area is crowded, and you´ll find restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops. The old town hall is located by the harbour. Tvedestrand is characterized as an idyllic little town with whitepainted houses which climb up the slopes, narrow streets, a popular harbour for many summer holiday tourists. Sailing in by boat is an idyllic experience. On the outer edge of the fjord the white scrubbed rocks while in its inner reaches of the fjord are white-painted ships' masters' houses and well kept gardens. Tvedestrand was originally built up because of the ironworks at Nes Verk, today a very exiting museum only five minuts drive from the town-center. At Nes Verk you will also find one of Norway´s most beautiful golf courses. Tvedestrand muncipality has approximately 6.100 inhabitants, and covers a area of 217,8 km2 with 162 islands (16 square km) and a coastline 214 km long in the Conty of Aust Agder.

About 16 square km of the area in the community is coastline. It means that Tvedestrand is an eldorado, specially in the summer. Places like Lyngør, Borøya and Sandøya are worth visiting. Lyngør is one of the places in Norway that has most sunny days. If you come by boat to Tvedestrand, you should take some time for a visit to the idyllic Furuøya island. Here you can experience the atmosphere of the former holiday paradise of the wealthy Smith family, and at the same time potter about in idyllic roads and footpaths through an old, restored cultural landscape. The island has special vegetation and is a lovely area for walking.


In the skerries facing the open sea, Skagerrak, lies Lyngør. Lyngør has been elected "the best preserved village of Europe". The village on the ocean has architecture from the illustrious days of the tall ships. The arrival of the steamboats put a stop to Lyngør´s period of glory; the jobs dissapeared and so did most of the inhabitans. The houses mostly remained in the families as summer cottages. Lyngør consists of several islands. During the year the population is about 100, but in the summer months up to ten times more. There are no cars in Lyngør - only narrow walkingpaths. From the quay at Gjeving you may go by boat to Lyngør.


Gjeving is characterized by cottage hamlets and international tourism. At the centre of Gjeving you will find Gjeving and Lyngørfjorden marina. Here life pulsates from early spring until late autumn. The new cottage hamlets og the holiday centre has been designed by architects with the intention of combining contemporary needs and opportunities with the coastal architecture of bygone days. Here you may sit on the edge of the quay and enjoy Sørlandet, the South Coast, as much as you like, or hire a boat and make a trip to the wonderful skerries.


The Sandøya island there is a vigorous local community with a shop, school. Boatbuilder and active designer craftsmen. The island has a regular service from the Hagefjordbrygga quay on Borøya, which is connected to the mainland, there is only a short boat trip across to Sandøya.


The ironwork´s history dates back to 1574. In 1665 large parts of the plant were moved to Nes, and activities continued until 1959. Nes Ironworks museum is a unique technical-industrial cultural monument. Here you will find an ironworks almost intact as it was in 17th century. The ironworks at Nes had roots at the Barbu Ironworks, which was established in Arendal in 1573. In 1665 the technical equipment was moved to Nes.

The many old buildings and beautiful surroundings contribute to make this an unforgettable experience. An ironworks museum with guided tours and a documentary film. Sale of ironwork-related literature and handicrafts. Coffee, cakes, mineral waters and ice cream. An advanced seminar hall accommodating up to 80 guests.


Exciting, contemporary art in Tvedestrand centre. All year round.


Forvaltergården is a lovely little museum with a varied collection.


Hagen covers approximately 1,5 acres. Various types of cypress, spruce, juniper and bamboo can be found here, as well as areas covered by ivy, types of clematis and some two thousand roses. Several thousand self-germinating flowers are planted here during the summer season.


Five exhibitions reflecting Lyngør´s history, the matically presented via pictures, text and artefacts.


A lovely and very special bridge over the Storelva. Continue down the road and you come to the Angelstad farm.


Farm museum, mail yard and horse-change station from the 18th century. Open all year for group tours.


Tvedstrand is motorboat town, for anyone who didn´t know. The Tvedestrand regatta is fast and good humoured. There is a veteran class and a fancy-dress race.


50 mooring places, shower, toilet and workshop.


50 berths. Sales, workshop, kiosk, marina and fuel. Boats & motors for hire. Long-term berths for cars and boats.


Water, grocery, kiosk, engine workshop, fuel, diving air, boat yard and parking. Boats & engines for hire.


Shower, WC, washing and drying.


Guest pier. Shower, WC, washing, kiosk, works hop, boat hire and swimming toys.


Visit the islands around the best preserved village in Europe with an old-fashioned pilot.


Cultural events linked to the Sørlands coast. Guided tours, exhibitions and other events, including Lyngør festival.


Boat tours and sightseeing in the skerries - also regular daily service between the islands.


This 74 foot wooden vessel built in 1954 can hold up to 60 people. Chartered tours can be arranged.


Diving Courses, tours. Sale and hire of equip ment and boats.


Beaver safari by canoe, beaver's tail soup will be served and souvenirs are part of the price.

Elk safari Tuesdays and Thursdays in July and August.


The Storelva river, which flows past Nes Ironworks, is one of the Southern Coast´s best salmon and sea trout rivers. Daily, weekly and season permits. There is good fishing from the shore or from a boat. Sea-angling trips can be arranged on a hired boat. The ocean has always been an important means of sustenance. Sea-fishing is unrivalled here. Try your luck casting the line from the rocky foreshore. A day at sea is an unforgettable experience, fishing either from a smack or a cutter, a bite is virtually guaranteed.


Arendal & Omegn Golfclub (Nes Verk Golfpark) is situated in beautiful countryside surroundings at Nes Verk, 3 km from Fiansvingen. Today Nes Verk Golfpark is one of the largest and best golf courses in Norway. The club can offer an 18-hole undulated course of high standard, and a 9-hole challenging Pay & Play Course, driving range and putting green.