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Hurum in Norway Hurum municipality coat of arms


163,3 km2

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Hurum municipality has approximately 9.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 163,3 km2. Hurum and Røyken are the coastal district in the county of Buskerud county. The municipality borders Røyken to the north. It is connected to the eastern side of the Oslofjord via Oslofjordtunnel, one of the longest undersea tunnels of its kind in Northern Europe. To the west the coastline is located close to the eastern coast of Vestfold with Svelvik. The ferry in the middle of Svelvik cross Svelvikstrømmen and travels from Vestfold and Buskerud every 15 minutes. The name of the place on the Buskerud side is Verket.

Hurum is located on the southern part of Hurumhalvøya, which is the peninsula between Oslofjord and Drammensfjord. The administrative centre is Klokkarstua, while the most populous villages are Holmsbu, Tofte and Sætre.

The long coastline stretches from Slemmestad by Oslofjorden, round the Hurum peninsula to Lahell by Drammensfjorden.

Things to discover at Hurum, Tronstad gård, Håøya (the whole island is a war memory), museum of Explosive. Along this unique coastline you will find natural qualities together with cultural areas in fine combination. Attractions in Hurum is Filtvet Lighthouse, Holm Farm, The Apple Farm (Eplegården), Bryggerhuset Frøtvedt, Blomstergården and the Coastroads (Kyststiene).

It is connected to the eastern side of the Oslofjord via Oslofjordtunnel, one of the longest underwater tunnels of its kind in Northern Europe. The tunnel is 7.2 km long and connects Hurumhalvøya to Akershus county.


The idyllic village of Holmsbu with small cafès and shops. The Holmsbu picturegallery situated at Støa with different exhibitions, antique sales in the wharfhouse also at Støa and the "cattery-galery" (Malekatteriet), in Holmsbu are cultural offers to be found between Holmsbu and Rødtangen.


The hotel is beautifully situated in a small bay between Holmsbu and Rødtangen. Quality SPA centre with several treatments, steambath, sauna, cold pool, indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor swimmingpools, massage showers, sunbeds, fitness room, own marina, guest pier, beach and walks, sea rafting and 3 golfcourses within 20 minutes' reach.


Holmsbu church, wich was raised in 1887, is very special and is known for its interior embellishments making it an artistic melting pot with its many decorations executed by differant artists, including Henrik Sørensen.


Filtvet lighthouse lies at Hurumlandet on the west-side of the Oslo Fjord, and is strategically located on the seaward approach to Oslo. The lighthouse is a one and a half storey high timber frame building, with a house and boat shed. The lighthouse station has gone through a number of building alterations. Earlier the light was situated in the gable end, and the lighthouse station had a fog bell in a tower on the roof. When the lighthouse station was unmanned in 1985, the light replacing the lighthouse's operation was placed directly in front of the lighthouse building and the Restaurant Malla in the back.

Filtvet lighthouse station, despite the alterations, is a good representative of the small wooden lighthouses. Since its technical equipment, such as the lens and blinking apparatus have been preserved, the old light is important for the history of lighthouses. The site has additional value when placed within the context of the remaining buildings at Filtvet. A picture capture the pride of Norway, the SS/ NORWAY, probaly on her last trip ever.


Oslofjordtunnel or Oslo Fjord Tunnel is a subsea road tunnel under the Oslo Fjord that connects Hurum municipality in the county of Buskerud to Akershus county on eastern side of the fjord. The Oslofjordtunnel is one of the longest underwater tunnels of its kind in Northern Europe; it is 7.2 km long and reaches a depth of 134 metres below sea level, with a maximum gradient of 7%. The tunnel was opened by King Harald V on June 29, 2000, providing an alternative method of transport between the east and west side of the Oslo Fjord, replacing the former ferry line between Drøbak and Storsand.

The tunnel has one lane in each direction with an extra lane in the inclining direction on the slopes. The speed limit of 80 km/h is enforced by road rule enforcement cameras. The tunnel is partially toll financed with a toll plaza on the east of the tunnel.


Fishing possibilities are good in both Drammensfjord and Oslofjord.

The Drammen river from is one of the best salmon rivers in the country, where more than 40 species of fish have been registered. The season for salmon fishing stretches from May to September / October.


Hurum Golfclub at Myhrene Farm (Gård) have 9 holes.