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East Norway


Map of Norway here.


Olympic relations in the region of Hedmark, brought Norway into the international limelight. Hamar and the Viking ship, Trysil and Trysil mountain for great outdoors. The Østerdalen Valley have a very special meaning for people who love untouched nature, wilderness, animal life and fishing. No other area in Norway has as large amounts of "the forest´s king", the moose, as the Østerdalen Valley, but you can also find bear, wolf, wolverine and lynx in the large forests. Norway´s longest river, the Glomma, is also one of the best fishing rivers. Kirsten Flagstad, Norway´s world famous opera star, was born in Strandsstuen in Hamar. "The white swan of Mjøsa" Skibladner is the world´s oldest paddle steamer still in regular service.


The 1994 Winter Olympics held in Lillehammer. The county´s two major cities are Gjøvik and Lillehammer. National Parks: Dovre, Jotunheimen, Rondane, Ormtjernkampen. Nature reserves: Fokstumyra, Vassfaret. Oppland has northern Europe´s highest mountain peak, Galdhøpiggen (2.369 metres), and 56% of the county´s area is more than 900 metres above sea level. Both Gudbrandsdalen and Valdres are valley and mountain areas, while Toten, Land and Hadeland are level agricultural areas. Pure air and water, beautiful and unspoiled uplands are today a resource in great demand. At Valdres both wild and breed trout are especially enjoyed around Christmas either smoked or as "raka" fish. (Raka-fish is fish that is cleansed, salted and put in barrels where it is kept for about 2 months at 6-9 degrees Celsius, before it´s eaten.) Beitostølen has grown to become an internationally recognised travel destination with good help of Beitostølen Health Sports Centre. During May and parts of June, the top of Valdresflye is an extremely popular starting point for magnificent spring ski trips across the level mountain plateux to the east or up toward the Jotunheimen peaks in the west.


It´s no wonder that people thrive in Buskerud. This is where you can land the biggest salmon, taste the juiciest apples and pick the sweetest strawberries. You can follow in the foot steps of the Vikings at Ringerike, explore the mines at Kongsberg, go rafting down rivers and rapids, or enjoy a swim in the fjords. Buskerud also boasts several of Norway´s finest winter sports resorts, such as Geilo, Hemsedal, and Gol. Cultural activities and traditions flourish alongside the commercial opportunities and night life offered by the larger towns. Towns like Drammen, Kongsberg and Hønefoss are well set up to look after themselves. Because of its central position, Drammen is the capital of the county.


Oslo is surrounded by forest and fjord. An important part of the city´s political tradition is to preserve the fjord and the area surrounding the city for leisure and outdoor pursuits. Oslomarka is used by thousands of skiers and hikers all the year round thanks to restrictions in the urbanization of the city. Some of the major sports events in Oslo will be the Grete Waitz Race, the Holmenkollen Relay, Oslo Marathon and the Holmenkollen Ski Festival at Homenkollen.


The Royal Palace, The Akershus Fortress, Norway´s Resistance Museum, the Prison Museum, the Armed Forces Museum, Holmenkollen, Ski Museum, Aker Brygge, the Opera House in Bjørvika, the Ekebergrestaurant, Ekeberg Park, Oslo Cathedral, the City Hall, the University Building, the Nobel Institute, the Historical Museum, the National Gallery, the National Theatre, the Astrup Fearnly Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Children´s Art Museum, the Ibsen Museum, the Parliamant Building, the Munch Museum, the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Vigeland Museum, the Botanic Garden, the Zoological Museum, the Norwegian Folk Museum, the Viking Ship Museum, the Polar Fram Museum, the Kon-Tiki / Ra Museum, the Minibottle gallery, the Henie Onstad Art Center outside Oslo in Sandvika.


Norways International Airport is located here. Akershus borders on Oslo, Østfold and Sweden in the south, Hedmark in the east, Oppland in the north and Buskerud in the west. With a total area of 4,916 square kilometres, Akershus is about 125 kilometres from north to south and around 90 kilometres from west to east. Its highest peak, Fjellsjøkampen in Hurdal, rises 812 metres above sea level. Its coastline, along the Oslofjord and the Bunnefjord, is 152 kilometres long. Lake Hurdal (Hurdalsjøen) is its largest lake, but parts of Lake Mjøsa and most of Lake Øyerell are also situated here.


Due to Østfold´s long stretch of coastline shipping has always had a central role here. Mild winters and ice-free conditions in the harbours ensure that traffic at sea can move without any problem all year round. Place to visit: Fredriksten Fortress in Halden, Old Town in Fredrikstad, The Hvaler islands outside Fredrikstad, Gallery F 15 in Moss.


The Scandinavian summer and its long days are at their best in Vestfold. The beautiful coastline, scattered with magnificent beaches and majestic bare rock faces, tempts many to bathe. If you are interested in history, Vestfold has a rich selection of historical treasures from ancient and Viking times, enabling you to go back in time to the very heart of the Norwegian culture. Vestfold is an Eldorado for golfers of all levels.

Places of interest: Tønsberg, founded in the Viking-Ages, is Norway´s oldest town. First came the navy, and the town was founded. You will undoubtedly enjoy the streets of Horten. Åsgårdstrand best known as the place where Edvard Munch painted "The Girls on the Bridge". The coastel town of Larvik with ferries to Denmark. Thor Heyerdahl´s birthplace. A few minute´s drive south lies the the happy little summer town of Stavern, a pearl full of life and laughter the whole season. Sandefjord perhaps best known as the whaling town. Sandefjord has many interesting buildings, places and sculptures.


Muncipality in Hedmark

Alvdal, Eidskog, Elverum, Engerdal, Folldal, Grue, Hamar, Kongsvinger, Løten, Nord-Odal, Os, Rendalen, Ringsaker, Stange, Stor-Elvdal, Sør-Odal, Tolga, Trysil, Tynset, Våler, Åmot and Åsnes.

Companies in Hedmark


Muncipality in Oppland

Dovre, Etnedal, Gausdal, Gjøvik, Gran, Jevnaker, Lesja, Lillehammer, Lom, Lunner, Nord-Aurdal, Sør-Aurdal, Nord-Fron, Sør-Fron, Nordre Land, Søndre Land, Ringebu, Sel, Skjåk, Vang, Øystre Slidre, Vestre Slidre, Østre Toten, Vestre Toten, Vågå and Øyer.

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Muncipality in Buskerud

Drammen, Flesberg, Flå, Gol, Hemsedal, Hol, Hole, Hurum, Kongsberg, Krødsherad, Lier, Modum, Nedre Eiker, Nes, Nore and Uvdal, Ringerike, Rollag, Røyken, Sigdal, Ål and Øvre Eiker.

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Oslo is a County and a muncipality.

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Muncipality in Akershus

Asker, Aurskog-Høland, Bærum, Eidsvoll, Enebakk, Fet, Frogn, Gjerdrum, Hurdal, Lørenskog, Nannestad, Nes, Nesodden, Nittedal, Oppegård, Rælingen, Skedsmo, Ski, Sørum, Ullensaker, Vestby and Ås.

Companies in Akershus


Muncipality in Østfold

Aremark, Askim, Eidsberg, Fredrikstad, Halden, Hobøl, Hvaler, Marker, Moss, Rakkestad, Rygge, Råde, Rømskog, Sarpsborg, Skiptvet, Spydeberg, Trøgstad and Våler.

Companies in Østfold


Muncipality in Vestfold

Andebu, Hof, Holmestrand, Horten, Lardal, Larvik, Nøtterøy, Re, Sande, Sandefjord, Stokke, Svelvik, Tjøme and Tønsberg.

Companies in Vestfold