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Trysil in Norway Trysil municipality coat of arms


3.014,4 km2

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Trysil muncipality has approximately 6.800 inhabitants and covers a area of 3.014,4 km2. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Innbygda. Farming and logging are traditionally the most important occupations in the municipality, and there are many wood related industries. The Trysilelva river was the last river in Norway with traditional timber floating. There is extensive wildlife, including a large elk population. The township have borders to Sweden in vest and Glomdal in the east. Trysil is one of the largest forest communities in Norway with mountains, lakes and the beautiful Trysilelva River running like a silver band through fertile nature. Winter and ski sport are gilt-edged words in the history of Trysil.

From the legend of one of the greatest skiers through the ages, Trysil-Knut, and to Olympic Gold medals in our times, Trysil has been connected with great skiing achievements. Trysilfjellet, Norway´s largest ski area, still attracts more visitors from near and far every year. The Trysil district is large and rich in experiences, from the beautiful Ljørdalen Valley in the east to the well-known Osensjøen Lake in the west.

Trysilfjellet is the largest winter sports centre in Norway with 65 prepared slopes over three sides of the mountain, with forest areas and high mountains. The 685 metres vertical drop and 70 km of green, blue, red and black slopes gives opportunities of choice for everybody, from beginners to experts. Trysils best known inhibitant is Formel 1 driver Michael Schumacher.

A small village in Trysil, Nybergsund, was bombed by German aviators during World War II on 11 April 1940, when King Haakon VII and Crown Prince Olav were there.


The majestic Fulu mountain is shrouded in white for winter, toweing against the sky to the east. You have truly reached the wilderness. The peace and quiet is perfect setting for your family vacation, the kids can easily navigate the lifts and slopes, and the grownups have numerous cross-country trails and slopes to choose from.

Fulufjellet is the perfect family oriented ski area in the heart of the wonderful Trysil area. The slopes are perctely set on the plateau of the Fulu mountain, facing westward into the sun, ensuring you catch all the rays all day. The perfectly groomed cross country trails take you through both mountains and woodland, and even across the border, so that on one trip you can ski in both Sweden and Norway!

The Fulu mountain downhill ski area is situated 850 meters above sea level. The area is known for the quality as well as quatity of snow it gets every winter, but to be on the safe side we also have artifical snowmaking equipment installed, ensuring fabulous conditions every winter. Every day we have a variety of activities, suitable for all age groups. Our tour guides will assist you in getting the perfect trip through the cross-country trails, or even join you, if you like.


Ljørdalen lies in the heart of the deep forest in the eastern part of Trysil. The river Ljøra rises in Sweden and flows back into Sweden at Støa. The people of Ljørdalen have made their living along the River Ljøra for over 3000 years, hunting and fishing, and later trough agriculture and forestry. The oldest traces of agriculture in Trysil have been found in Ljørdalen.

The whole valley is situated in a belt of sandstone. Trysil sandstone has been made the county rock in the county of Hedmark. The striking red Trysil sandstone is highly decorative and is frequently uses for paving slabs and doorsteps, etc.

The forest is a very important resource for Ljørdalen, as it is for the rest of Trysil municipality. Forestry provides many jobs, and there is a long tradition of combining foretry with agriculture here. Statskog - the state Forestry Commission - is the largest forest owner in the area, with 47 500 hectares (approximately 117.000 acres) of land.


Trysilfjellet is the largest skiing destination in all of Norway. An impressive belt of coniferous forest stretches through the entire county. Trysilfjellet (1.132 metres) towers high above all of this magnificent nature, and is home to Norway´s most extensive ski resort. 31 ski lifts and 70 km of slopes connect three sides of the mountain, with slopes and activities for all levels of skiing ability. Blue and black pistes line the mountain side by side, so that both young and old can get to know and enjoy the skiing conditions and slopes on all sides of the mountain - regardless of skiing ability. The season starts early and ends on May 1.


Trysil Golfclub is a golf course with 18 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course lies at Trysilfjellet, approximately 2 km from Trysil Center.