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Tynset in Norway Tynset municipality coat of arms


1.879,5 km2

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Tynset muncipality has approximately 6.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 1.879,5 km2. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Tynset. It is a modern business and shopping centre with a wide variety of business activities. Agriculture and forestry are still the traditional ways of making a living but municipal administration and service industries. Tynset is known for its vast areas of forest and mountain, which are ideal for skiing, hiking, cycling, hunting and fishing. In many areas are signposted paths and ski tracks are ploughed in winter.

Tynset has many wildlife areas, which are regarded as national treasures; the geological formation at Ripan and Gammeldalen are extremely interesting: at Ripan is a lake formed by glaciation during the last Ice Age and at Gammeldalen are found some beautifully formed corries from the same period. Tynset can be proud of being one of those municipalities that has many of its mountain farms still in use, and it is possible to visit such farms when out hiking, which proves to be a valuable experience both for children and adults. Tynset municipality also rents chalets, which used to belong to mountain farms.


Savalen is known internationally for its speed-skating rink. Many personal, national and international records have been broken on this rink. Now Savalen has also developed a football pitch, an arena for Nordic skiing and biathlon, roller-ski track, an alpine area and 90-km. Of cross-country skiing tracks. Savalen has become a place, which is especially designed for the handicapped and includes wheelchair paths and a specially equipped fishing pier. Savalen now suits people of different ages who like different outdoor pursuits. With its various types of accommodation Savalen has become a perfect holiday area.


Tynset produces the traditional Norwegian form of transport - the "kicker". It is made in two versions: Rappen and Tarzan. The world´s largest kicker dominates Tynset Square, four times´s life-size. Tynset also produces the Troll souvenirs, which are exported all over the world and have become a success in Disneyland. A giant troll also watches over Tynset Square.


Bjørgan Rectory is a museum and a former rectory in Kvikne. The author Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (1832-1910) was born here and lived here in his first childhood years 1832-1837. When Bjørnson was five the family moved to Nesset, in the west of the country. The house was built in 1780 and was used as a rectory until 1860. In 1917 discovered the Tilla Valstad that the main building would be demolished. She started a collection, making it into a museum for Bjørnson, and in 1919 the building was handed over to the state as a gift. The museum was located until 2006 under the Sandvig Collections at the Open Air Museum, which is also responsible for Aulestad. Bjørgan is now placed under the North Østerdal Museum. The house was restored in 2010. Bjørnson visited Kvikne twice as an adult, in 1869 and in 1897.


When the centre for the arts (Kulturhuset) was opened in 1988, Tynset entered a new era and the centre has become a living breathing cultural home for the population of Tynset and Nord-Østerdalen. The centre houses concerts, plays, cinemas, a library, art exhibition, rehearsals, reunions, conferences and festivals - and also has a cafe where people meet informally.


Tynset´s first sports hall (Tynsethallen) was built in 1986. A second sports hall (Holmenhallen) was opened ten years later. A swimming pool and smaller Gymnastics Hall in the building connects them to form a complete set of sports facilities that few municipalities of Tynset´s size can equal.


Glomma, Norway´s longest river. At various points the river has created super beaches ideal for bathing and different forms of boating sports. Glomma is one of Norway´s best rivers for fishing, and in the currents by the bridge anglers can catch many kinds of fish including trout. The numerous lakes and rivers in the district are also worth trying. It is possible to enjoy the open-air life the whole year round in many different ways. Perch, pike and different variety of carp are the dominant species. They are more numerous in the slower water of the watercourse and in the estuaries where the tributaries join. Here perch and pike can reach a considerable size.

In parts of the Glom where the current is strongest, and downstream from power station dams, large trout can be found. The access to fishing along the Glomma varies. Cultivated land and undergrowth restrict access and fishing from land in many places. On both sides of the river there is a comprehensive road system. From the roads, and where the bridges cross the river, it is often possible to reach suitable fishing places. Good local knowledge is important, therefore talk to the locals! Fishing along the main watercourse is regulated to a small degree.


Kvikne Mines at Odden. The remains of mining operations begun in 1632.


A cross-shaped timber church built in 1652, with a richly decorated interior. The altarpiece is Norway´s finest Renaissance altarpiece.


The farm was originally built in the mining period. The core of the building dates from the 17th century. This is one of the few farms in the country with its own private chapel.


Annual festival connected with the traditional life of Vollan.


Soapstone quarry at Kvikneskogen, dates from 400-600 BC. It now supplies stone for the restoration of Trondheim Cathedral.


The remains of a mining community from the beginning of this century. It survived for only 15 years and was ruined by the greatest bankruptcy of the period.


Tynset´s village museum is 1 km from the town centre.


Exhibitions throughout the year, in the centre of Tynset.


An annual festival built around the work of the authors Hulda and Arne Garborg. Held in Tynset kulturhus and at Kolbotn, Garborg´s home for many years.


An annual exhibition held in Galleri Elgen in Tynset kulturhus, featuring well-known Norwegian artists.


An annual Handball Tournament for 11-16 year-olds, held in Tynsethallene.


An annual Handball Tournament for seniors, held in Tynsethallene.


Tylldalen´s village museum. An annual play for St. Olav's Day is Norway's second oldest historical outdoor play.


There are good opportunities for trips in the mountains and fishing in the salmon river Orkla river. Further south the Tunna river descends to meet the Glomma.


Golfclubs in Hedmark.