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Austevoll in Norway Austevoll municipality coat of arms


117,2 km2

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Austevoll is a islands community. The five biggest islands is Huftarøy, Selbjørn, Hundvåkøy, Stolmen and Storekalsøy. The islands are connected with bridges, Huftarøy and Selbjørn, Selbjørn and Stolmen, Hundvåkøy and Storekalsøy, Huftarøy and Hundvåkøy. The bridge between Huftarøy and Hundvåkøy consists of two bridges and two stone fillings, bears the name of the municipality, "Austevollsbrua", and symbolizes the fact that the largest islands in the municipality are connected.

The municipality have a areal of 117,2 km2 and lies in Hordaland. The people lives on the 9 biggest island and have approximately 5.000 inhabitants. Storebø is the administrative centre.

Austevoll municipality is considered to be among the ports in the world with the largest ocean-going fish trawler fleet. Since the 1980s the offshore oil industry and fish farming have grown to be important industries in Austevoll. The offshore shipping company DOF, Austevoll Seafood has its headquarters at Storebø, Bergen Group and Sjøtroll Havbruk. Austevoll has car ferry communications from Hufthammar on the north tip of Huftarøy to Krokeide, Bergen and Husavik, south on Huftarøy, to Sandvikvåg in Fitjar. The municipality is also connected by express boats to Bergen in north, and Stord, Haugesund and Stavanger in the south.


Norway and Ørjan Johannessen clinched this year´s gold medal in the Bocuse d´Or – a contest often dubbed the World Cup of chefs. Johannessen, with a background as a chef and son of the owner for Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri. Bekkjarvik village is located on the northeastern coast of the island of Selbjørn. The village is an old trading post, with an inn that has been in operation since the 1600s. There was also a barrel factory. Today, the inn is still in operation and most of the economy centers around the seasonal fishing industry. Bekkjarvik Church has been located in this village since 1895. The Selbjørn Bridge runs from Bekkjarvik across a small strait to the nearby island of Huftarøy.


The lighthouse was built in 1877. The lighthouse lies strategic at Korsfjorden. The lighthouse lies 38 metres over sea level. The ligthouse is 17,3 metres high. It´s possible to see the light 17,5 nautical miles.


Nothengja in Bekkjarvik is the largest net-mending and -storing shed and preserved along the coast, as well as having been used for the impregnation of ropes and sails with decoctions of bark.


At Storebø the Old farm estate near the ferry quay at Hufthamar. The oldest cottage dates back to the seventeenth century.


A local museum built in Bakkasund on local efforts to collect pictures, articles for daily use, letters etc. from the people living on Storekalsøy. The exhibition provides insight into the island´s historical development.


During the war, the Germans built a radar station in order to listen to the traffic on Stolmen. Remains of the station remain, giving a glimpse of the activities going on during the war. The station is situated on the North Sea track.


There are myriades of small anchorages and fishing areas. Austevoll plays a crucial role in the development of fisheries and stimulates added value to trade and industry.


Golfclubs in Hordaland.