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Sveio in Norway Sveio municipality coat of arms


245,7 km2

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Sveio muncipality has approximately 5.200 inhabitants and covers a area of 245,7 km2. Much of the region´s boat traffic plies the Sveio coastline, crossing the waters of Sletten near Ryvarden and along the side of Bømlofjorden. In Sveio, it is possible to experience both the sea and the rugged countryside. There are many wandering tracks, both marked and unmarked, traversing vareious terrain. On a clear day from the mountain top, Trollvasssnipen, it is possible to see as far as Bergen in the north and Stavanger in the south.

Sveio is renowned for its freshwater and sea-angling areas. Haugalandet´s new golf course is located close to the centre of Sveio and for those who prefer art, Ryvarden Lighthouse Culture Centre always has an interesting exhibition on display and something tasty on offer in the cafê.


Ryvarden is a pivotal coastal headland jutting into the sea. The lighthouse wae built in 1849. It was automated in 1984 allowing the building to be used as a cultural centre which includes a museum, gallery and cafe. A new exhibition is hosted every month. Ryvarden is located 2 km along a gravel road. Access by car only by prior arrangement.


In the book of lcelandic sagas, Landnåmabok, it is related that Floke Vilgjerdsson built a beacon here in 868 before sailing west to settle in Iceland. The story is told in the museum at Ryvarden.


The composer Fartein Valan (1887 -1952) lived for many years at Valevåg where his home is now preserved as a museum. The museum is open to the public during the summer months. Concerts and lectures in the summer are given in a separate programme. Other opening hours by arrangement.


Valen Chapel was built as a church in 1707 but later moved to another parish. Ths chapel was rebuilt on the same spot in 1949 and is the final resting place of the composer Fartein Valen. Gulded tour by appointment with the guide at the Fartein Valen Museum.


The Cholera Graveyard at Leirvågen is better known as "the graveyard by the sea" after a musical composition by Fartein Valen. A marked path leads the way from the bridge at Nappabrua and takes about 20 minutes to walk.


Over 300 hectares were destroyed by forest fire in 1992, but today the visible signs of nature's rebuilding process are evident everywhere. Marked path through the area.


Old farmstead with 17 slate-roofed buildings. Preserved in 1923. Private ownership.


Tittelsnes, beautiful view northwards over the county of Sunnhordaland and outermost parts of the Hardanger Pleteau.
Tjernagel, broad view towards the fjords and islands in the county of Sunnhordaland and the edge of the Hardanger Plateau.
Førde, beautiful view from highway E-39 over Førdespollen with Siggjo in the backround.
Trollavassnipen, The highest peak in Sveio, 423 metres above sea level. Parking at Einstadbøvoll school. Marked path. Takes 1-2 hours to reach the summit.


If you want to try your luck with the fishing-rod, Here is ample opportunity for angling in lakes, rivers, the fjord and the ocean. Fjord fishing is good at any time of the year. In order to fish in the fjord the only fee you have to pay is the state fish tax. this can be done at the nearest post office. If you want to try your luck in rivers and lakes, you must be prepared to pay an extra fishing licence for the respective area. Most accomodations have boats that the guests may use (some places this is included in the rent in other places there is an extra fee to be paid for this).


Haugaland Golfclub is a golf course with 9 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course lies approximately 20 km from Haugesund City Center and close to the centre of Sveio.