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Skodje in Norway Skodje municipality coat of arms


120,3 km2

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Skodje municipality has approximately 4.200 inhabitants and covers a area of 120,3 km2. Skodje is part of the Sunnmøre region. The administrative centre is the village of Skodje. The other main village in the municipality is Valle. Skodje has a magnificent fjord landscape with excellent facilities for fishing. The township is surrounded by wide forests with idyllic summer farms and old forest roads, barren mountains and summits with wide, panoramic views. There are especially good facilities for outdoor activities all year round. The European Route E39 / E136 highway runs through the municipality, connecting it to the nearby cities of Ålesund and Molde.

The municipality of Skodje shares land borders with Haram to the north, Vestnes to the northeast, Ørskog to the southeast and Ålesund to the west. Across the Storfjorden to the south is Sykkylven. Skodje municipality is located on the mainland and also on part of the island of Oksenøya, plus many small surrounding islands. The Ellingsøyfjorden cuts into the municipality from the west.

Skodje´s economy is mostly based on agriculture and forestry, but there is also industry, lumber, and furniture-industry located there. Some industries have relocated from Ålesund to Skodje. Skodje has a young population, where 60% of the people are under the age of 40.


Sunnmøre is the southernmost traditional district of the western Norwegian. Its main city is Ålesund. Though it is one of the three traditional districts in Møre og Romsdal, Sunnmøre is home to more than half the population of the county. The district is made up of mainland as well as several large islands such as Gurskøy and Hareidlandet, plus many small islands.

There are many local newspapers throughout Sunnmøre, as well as one that aims to cover the entire region, published from Ålesund, called Sunnmørsposten.


It is a great pieature for us to welcome you to our "kingdom" - in the centre of Northern Europe´s fjord and alpine country. The region is spectacular, stretching from deep-blue fjords, via verdant valleys with emerald-green slopes way up to the highest wild peaks with their white glaciers. This is not just a picture, but reality, a landscape which you can become fond of.

Majestic peaks and a rugged alpine massif distinguish the Sunnmørs Alps from other mountain areas. Mountains plunge vertically into the fjord from a height of 1.500 - 1.600 metres and from the summit of Jakta at 1.588 metres, ther is a perpendicular fall of 1.821 metres to the bottom of the fjord. This will give you some idea of the enormous dimensions between the summits and the seabed below the waters of the fjords.


Saltvasstraumane, the saltwater currents at Dragsundet, and by the beautiful Skodjebrua, are excellent fishing spots. Fishing permits are available for freshwater and river fishing, and there are boats for hire. The catch will vary with the season - anything from mackerel, herring, angler fish, cod, saithe, redfish, catfish, salmon, halibut. The fish will also bite if you fish from the quayside, breakwater or bridge. Should you be unfortunate enough not to catch anything, the island has fish farms, a lobster park and a receiving station for catches from the fishing boats.


A golf course at Solnør Gård farm is open the whole day through.