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Inderøy in Norway Inderøy municipality coat of arms


364.4 km2

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Inderøy municipality has one of the country´s most beautiful cultural landscapes, which together with the sea and special light at Inderøy, has inspired artists and authors for many hundreds of years. Inderøy is an agricultural and cultural municipality on a luxuriant peninsula in the Trondheim fjord. In january 2012 Mosvik municipality become a part of Inderøy. Inderøy muncipality has approximately 6.700 inhabitants and covers a area of 364.4 km2. It is part of the Innherad region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Straumen. Other villages include Gangstadhaugen, Hylla, Kjerknesvågen, Røra, Sakshaug, Sandvollan, Småland, Utøy, Vangshylla, Mosvik, Trongsundet, Framverran, Venneshamn, and Kjerringvika. The municipality is primarily an agricultural community, but also has some industry. In addition there are numerous farms who manufacture their own produce and sell it on the farm. The artist Nils Aas was born in Inderøy, and a art gallery is named after him.

The Nordland Line runs through Røra, and Røra Station is served hourly or more often by the Trøndelag Commuter Rail. European Route E6 also runs through Røra. It connects to Norwegian National Road 755 that runs through Sakshaug and onwards to Utøy and Mosvik. At Straumen, the road crosses the preserved Straumen Bridge and on the Inderøy–Mosvik border where it crosses the Skarnsund Bridge. National Road 761 runs from Sakshaug north through Sandvollan before intersecting with E6 south of Steinkjer. There is a limited bus service provided by TrønderBilene.


Mosvik is a beautiful, fertile area of Fosen. It has many good sea fishing and diving possibilities as well as lake fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. The lake Meltingvatnet lies along the Leksvik border.

Petter Northug Jr. is the most famous citizen in Mosvik. A Norwegian cross country skier and double Olympic champion. Northug is widely considered the world´s best cross-country skier. Other attractions are an historical village in Mosvik center and some rare rock carvings in Kvennavika. You can reach Mosvik over Skarnsund Bridge, one of the world's longest cable-stayed bridges which connects Innherred and Fosen. The main industries are Agriculture, forestry and various industries.


The administrative centre is Straumen where most of the commercial services are based. Municipal services are located about 1 kilometre to the north, at Sakshaug. There are five boroughs in Inderøy: Kjerknesvågen, Røra, Sandvollan, Sakshaug, and Utøy. Each has its own primary school and community centre. Inderøy is part of the Diocese of Nidaros, Inderøy District Court, and Frostating Court of Appeal. The newspaper Inderøyningen is published in Straumen and covers the municipality.

Straumen, gained its name from one of the strongest tidal streams in the country – in the narrow neck of water between the Trondheim and Borgen fjords. Nergata and Øvergata remind us that we are not in a large town centre! Klokkarstu houses a clothing store and showroom. This old red-painted building from the 1700s is centrally located in Straumen between the Nils Aas Artist Workshop, Internettkafeen (i.e., the Internet Café) and Jostu´s Candle Foundry. The old Rødbrygga also tells its story to the restaurant guests. The rich soil and high skies above Inderøy provide excellent produce for the small scale food farmers. Inderøysodd which is produced by Straumen, is a popular variation of the traditional Trønder dish. Quite a number of local activities are oriented around culture, including the annual jazz festival Soddjazz.


The Medieval church at Sakshaug was one of the four most important churches in the region of inner Trøndelag. The church went out of use in 1871, when a new church was erected nearby. Two years later all the wood was removed from the building, turning the church into an impressive ruin. The parish gave this to Fortidsminneforeningen that same year. A great collective effort by the members of Fortidsminneforeningen and intensive fund raising led to the complete restoration of the church which was consecrated again in 1958. During the restoration process, the church was used to house the local museum.


In here you will find the Mosvik crucifix and statue of St.Mikal. Mosvik crucifix is from about 1250 and is considered to be one of the most outstanding sculptures of its time.


Kjerringvik. One of the worlds longest suspension bridges with two 152 metres high towers connecting Mosvik and Innherred. A majestic construction of the highest standard. The bridge has received many international awards.


Rare rock carvings of flounders and halibut in Kvennavika and Venneshamn.


During the Middle Ages Inderøy was called Eynni iøri, meaning the inner island, which is still the meaning of the word Inderøy. Saurshaug (now Sakshaug) was an important political centre until the 20th century. In the Middle Ages it was the centre of the county Øynafylket, also including Beitstad and Verran. The Sakshaug Old Church was opened by Archbishop Eysteinn Erlendsson in 1184 and was the county church. Many of the construction techniques used in the archbishop´s cathedral Nidarosdomen in Trondheim were experimented with on Sakshaug Old Church. Also the village of Sandvollan has a church from the Middle Ages, Hustad Church.

During the late Middle Ages and until the breakup of the union between Sweden and Norway Inderøy was the seat of the Governor, Judge, and Tax Collector of Nordre Trondhjems amt, thus it was the county capital of what now is known as Nord-Trøndelag. The district court for central Nord-Trøndelag is still named after Inderøy.


Skarnsundet is located about 13 kms from Straumen. Park your car on rv 755 near the sign for Vang Farm. The first kilometre is along the farm road which you follow until you see the sign to "Kultursti". From the trail´s starting point, it´s about 800 m up and over steep terrain. Use suitable footwear. You will look down on the Skarnsundet Sound from the top, as well as a great view over the Trondheim Fjord. Ytterøy island is in the foreground. Tables and benches where you can relax upon reaching the top.

Tittinghalla (265 m.a.s.l) Nice short trail (2 km) close to Skarnsundet going up to the mountain top Tittinghalla. Great view over the Trondheim Fjord. Length is 2 km one way. Easy terrain but last 800 meters in steep terrain.

Mosvik has many fine walking tracks, eg. from Ålvatnet up to Storknuken with breathtaking views. Trongsundet. Historical footpaths in a varied biological landscape. See touring map for Mosvik area.


The main Trondheimsfjord with the inner Beitstadfjord is ideal for fishing from land or small boats. We recommend a trip with a hired fishing boat to the rich ocean fishing grounds.

Fjord fishing: Skarnsundet and Trongsundet. Possibility for ice fishing in Trongsundet in the winter months. Freshwater fishing: There are over 100 large and small fishing waters to choose from over this area. Mosvik fishing licences are available and give you access to them all. Salmon fishing: Mossa is open for a limited period. Fishing for the disabled: Liatjønna by Rv 755 at Lia.