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76,3 km2

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Beautifully located in the middle of the Trondheim fjord, and with its distinctive cultural landscape and climate, Frosta is perfect for activities including cycle touring and fjord and freshwater fishing. Frosta muncipality has approximately 2.700 inhabitants and covers a area of 76,3 km2 which is the smallest muncipality in Nord-Trøndelag. The administrative centre is the village of Frosta. It also includes the island of Tautra which is connected to the mainland by a causeway bridge. The community proudly carries its inheritance; a rich cultural history witnessing the central position held by Frosta throughout the centuries. Agriculture makes up the largest business in Frosta, which is sometimes called "Trondheim´s kitchen garden" due to the the high quality of vegetables, strawberries, and flowers. The strawberries and potatoes must be the world´s best.

The main attractions are Norway´s oldest court, "Frostatinget", had its seat here, close to the mediaeval church at Logtun, and on the island of Tautra can be found the remains of a Cistercian abbey, established in 1207. In Frosta you can fish, go hiking and study the rich bird life, or, visit one of our beautiful rose gardens.


Several rock engraving sites can be found in the parish, together with burial grounds from Viking times. Archaelogists have for the first time found the remnants of a Viking harbour (Vikinghavna på Fånestangen) in Norway. A number of logs sticking up along the shoreline at Frosta have been dated back to around year 1000. The logs were found when the owner of the property was about to start building a marina for pleasure craft, in the same place as the Vikings probably landed their ships when they met to participate in the Frosta Court around 1000 years ago.


Norway´s oldest court, Frostating, had its seat here at Tinghaugen, close to the mediaeval church at Logtun. The site of the Frosta Ting (court) is located on a nearby hillside.


The island of Tautra which is connected to the mainland by a causeway bridge. The largest wetland north of the Dovre region is located on the island of Tautra. This reserve has international RAMSAR status. There are over 180 different species of birds here, including a very large colony of Common Eider, which can be observed from a tower in the reserve.


On the island of Tautra can be found the remains of Tautra Abbey, a Trappist (Reformed Cistercian) convent, established in 1207. Not very far from the ruins of a medieval Cistercian monastery, seven Cistercians nuns, with the help and support of countless others, have established themselves and have built a new permanent monastery. Most of the founders came from Mississippi Abbey, in Dubuque, Iowa, USA, in 1999, along with two Norwegians, one from the monastery of Wrentham (USA) and one from Laval (France). Since that time, two of the founders returned to their monasteries and a few more joined us, as well as young women who are in the process of entering our monastery from various countries.


Near to the ancient court mound lies Logtun church from the 1400´s.


The most traditional alcoholic beverages in Norway, the "kaffedoktor", or most commonly known as karsk. Karsk is a speciality of Trøndelag, with a number of local variants. It is still common to find hjemmebrent (moonshine). It is, however, illegal by Norwegian law to produce beverage with more than 22% alcohol by volume, and this only for personal consumption.


Stall Smedbakken have several kilometers with training roads. Think about sitting on a horseback and looking over the landscape.


The area is ideal for fishing from land or small boats. We recommend a trip with a hired fishing boat to the rich ocean fishing grounds. Contact the tourist office for more information.


Frosta Golfclub is a golf course with 6 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course lies 15 km from Esso Åsen along RV 753.