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Strand in Norway Strand municipality coat of arms


218,2 km2

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It is situated on the mainland east of Stavanger in the idyllic Ryfylke region. The township of Strand has an area of 218,2 km2. In all, close to approximately 12.000 people live in Strand. Strand and the surrounding area offers grand nature and fine recreational activities summer and winter. The township has much to offer. Large and attractive building lots for the inhabitants, beautiful nature and plenty of social and cultural activities. Strand is the principal centre in the Ryfylke region, owing to the size of its population and its communications facilities. It is also a main business centre.


The towns of Tau and Jørpeland have about 2.300 and 4.500 inhabitants, respectively. Jørpeland is considered the main town of Ryfylke, and this is where the municipality´s administration is located. Strand municipality has developed its services along the regular pattern, with good facilities in all sectors. Attractive building lots are a speciality. Tertiary education of most kinds is available in the municipality. Rogaland county is erecting a new building for this purpose at Tau.

Commerce and the service industries have grown much in recent years. Jørpeland continues to be the business centre for neighbouring smaller municipalities. The choice of merchandise and services is comprehensive, and viable under any comparison. Cultural life is diverse and can accommodate all who want to develop their talents further. Adult education courses, sports and art activities are most popular, all conducted in modern localities.

In addition to the cultural trail at Tau and Jørpeland Brug, and exhibitions of art and handicrafts, Strand offers many recreational activities and areas that are excellent for walking. Right by Tysdalsvatnet lake, Mount Reinarknuten, 787 metres, offers a fantastic view that extends all the way to Hardanger! Tau Mill and the newly opened park are definitely worth a visit.

Archaeologists have dated the petroglyphs at Solbakk to 500 BC. There are more than 40 figures, mostly ships, but also spirals and rings. What is unique about Solbakk is that two distinct boat types are depicted. Nearby there is a popular beach.


A scenic fiord cruise takes us to Flor & Fjære, Norway´s only palmtree island with an exotic garden and restaurant. Here you are met by the hosts and guided through the colourful and tranquil garden, followed by a sumptuous lunch buffet served in the panorama restaurant.


The choices are many, among them we can name the Ryfylke fjords for boating and fishing, and the hills for hunting and skiing.


Preikestolen Golfclub is a golf course with 9 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course lies at Jøssang.