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Hemne in Norway Hemne municipality coat of arms


662,4 km2

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Hemne muncipality has approximately 4.300 inhabitants and covers a area of 662,4 km2. The muncipality highest point is 1.040 metres. The muncipalitys administrative center is Kyrksæterøra. The main industry is based on fish and fish related businesses.

Hemne is bordered on the east by the municipalities of Snillfjord and Orkdal, on the south by Rindal and Surnadal, and in the west by Aure and Halsa. To the north, across the waters of the Trondheimsleia lies Hitra.

The Hemnfjorden forms the border between Hemne and Snillfjord. The Vinjefjorden is located in the southwestern side of the municipality and the lake Vasslivatnet lies in the southeast. In the south near Vinjeøra, there are several hiking trails to mountain lodges such as Sollia.

The biggest industrial workplace is Fesil Holla Metall. Hemne muncipality is close to Tjelbergodden and oil and gas is an important business. Hemne muncipality have to smaller centra, Vinjeøra with approximately 300 inhabitants and Hellandsjøen with approximately 200 inhabitants. ther villages include Heim, Hellandsjøen, Holla, and Vinjeøra.


Kyrksæterøra is located at the end of the Hemnfjorden, about 5 kilometres southwest of Holla. It was known as the "white town of the Hemnfjorden" at one time, because there were only white houses. The villages of Hellandsjøen and Heim lie to the north and Vinjeøra lies to the south. Hemne Church is located in the village. At one time, there was a shoe factory, a shipyard, a lumber mill, and fish processing plant in the area. Kyrksæterøra was bombed during World War II, but no lives were lost and there was minimal damage. Nearby, the Nazis also had a large camp for Russian prisoners-of-war.


A boat trip passing all the islands, islets and skerries is an extraordinary experience. Here you have great possibilities to really catch big sized cod, saithe, haddock and different kinds of shellfish. You can also fish from land.


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