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Tydal in Norway Tydal municipality coat of arms


1.329,4 km2

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Tydal muncipality has approximately 900 inhabitants and covers a area of 1.329,4 km2. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Ås. Other villages include Østby, Gressli, Aunet and Stugudalen. There is a school and a kindergarten in Tydal. The approximately 900 inhabitants in Tydal earn a living in farming, forestry, energy production, and tourism. During Easter, the number of people in Tydal increases by up to 5,000 people. Many people from Trondheim celebrate their holidays in their cabins located throughout the municipality of Tydal.

The rivers Tya River and Nea River (together forming the Nea-Nidelvvassdraget watershed) flow through Tydal on their way towards the Trondheimfjord. The highest mountain in Tydal is 1,762 metres tall. In the southwest, the lake Nesjøen lies just west of the Sylan mountain range with the mountain Storsylen. In the north, the Skarvan and Roltdalen National Park is home to the mountain Fongen.

Tydal is located halfway between Røros and Trondheim, with Norwegian national road 705 as the most important road through Tydal. Trondheim Airport, Værnes is one hour of driving away. There are daily bus connections to Trondheim, Værnes as well as to Røros.


Ås is located along the Nea River, about 1 kilometre southwest of the village of Østby. Most of the residents of Tydal live in or around Ås. The village is about 5 kilometres east of Tydal Church. The village has some small industries, especially wood products. There are also some sporting facilities in Ås.


Stugudalen is located along the lake Stuggusjøen, about 20 kilometres southeast of the municipal center of Ås and about 6 kilometres south of the lake Nesjøen. The village is primarily a tourist area with many summer cabins near the lake. The Stugudal Chapel is located in the village.


Aunet is located along the Nea River, about 4 kilometres west of the municipal center of Ås. The village is the location of Tydal Church, built in 1696.


Gressli is located along the Nea River, about 10 kilometres west of the municipal center of Ås and about 6.5 kilometres west of Aunet. In 1878, 2253 coins were found on the Gressli farm during potato hilling on a spot where there had once been a heap of rocks. The Gressli discovery is our most important source of knowledge about Olav Kyrre´s extensive minting in Norway from 1067 until 1093. In 1881, a meticulous record of the find was published by L. B. Stenersen, the director of the Coin Cabinet. It has since been studied by a series of scholars.


Østby is located along the Nea River, about 1 kilometre northeast of the municipal center of Ås.


Here you have great possibilities to really catch big sized cod, saithe, haddock and different kinds of shellfish.