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  Vest Agder map of county

Welcome to Vest Agder County and the weather right now! Vest Agder County is one out of 19 countys in Norway with a area of 7.281 km2 and a population of approximately 180,877.

Each County is divided into different municipality. For Vest Agder County you will find the name of the municipality to your "right" (municipality for the whole country is 428) or read a short story given below.


Among the existing government incentives, all-electric cars are exempt in Norway from the annual road tax, all public parking fees, and toll payments as well as being able to use bus lanes.

In Vest Agder the Charging stations is 31 and Charging points is 70 at the moment. Charging points can be found on street parking, at taxi stands, in parking lots, at places of employment, hotels, airports, shopping centers, convenience shops, fast food restaurants, coffeehouses etc., as well as in driveways and garages.


Southern Norway extends from Flekkefjord in the west to Risør in the east, and from Lindesnes in the south to Hardanger in the north. The Skerries is Destination Sørlandet"s trademark. Sørlandet is the region with the highest number of hours of sunshine in Norway, and since time immemorial the inhabitants have been involved with the sea, the islands protecting the mainland (the skerries) and everything smelling of seaweed. The best-known poets from the region, Vilhelm Krag and Gabriel Scott, in anecdotes and novels, have described the humour and temperament typical of this part of the country. Both were born with "seaweed between their toes" and are much loved. We have a number of boats which can take you out among the skerries. Most of the boats have scheduled departures, and they can all be chartered.


We have decided to describe the trip through Blindleia from Kristiansand, but it can be made in either direction.The trip starts by crossing Byfjorden in Kristiansand. through Randesund where the typical, white wooden houses lie cheek by jowl. After crossing Kvåsefjorden we arrive in Blindleia, with its beauty spots one afterthe other. We pass old trading posts such as Gamle Hellesund, Kjøbmannsvik, Ågerøya and Brekkestø before arriving at what is perhaps the most beautiful town in the region, Lillesand. "Blindleia" is a cultural delight with the tang of the salt from the setting of islets and reefs. Summer guests are strongly recommended to pay a visit to this coastal sea-way with historical roots far back into time as a means of communication for dwellers on the coast.


From Kristiansand we go west through Vestergabet (the "western gap").to Høllen and Åros. West of Høllen we go further out into the Skerries to what is perhaps the best known idyll in the region - Ny Hellesund. Here we see and hear the legend about King Olav the Holy from the twelfth century, who christianised Norway. His facial profile can be seen in the rock almost 1OOO years later. In Ny-Hellesund we also visit the interesting German coastal fort from the Second World War Ny-Hellesund is an old outport with no wadays just under twenty residents. If you want to experience the skerries in a very short space of time, you should take the trip which we have called Randesund Skerries. Here you will experience Skippergada, a canal in the skerries with idyllic "Skipperhus", i.e. houses built by sea captains in a very distinct, traditional style, as well as new summer houses.


Sailing area, from the centre of Lillesand to Gamle Hellesund - Ulvøysund. The inner archipelago affords plentiful opportunity for open-air activities, enjoying the coastal scenery and outports. Blindleia has its own activity map together with a brochure which contains information about the maritime coastal culture, nature, outdoor life and local places of historical interest. Public park. Regulations governing the use of boats. Owned by the state, the local district authority and privately.


Scenery and environment in abundance. Kristiansand Zoo is Norway"s most frequently visited attraction. The zoo is 30 years old and an institution in Norway. Every single tourist should visit the zoo, which covers an area of 150 acres of, among other things, wild Nordic terrain. The wild Nordic countryside in the zoo offers you the opportunity to see the Nordic wolf, Iynx and wolverine in their natural environment. Of especial interest is the unique, so-called capercaillie lek (when the cocks display). which you can see almost all summer. This is a marvellous sight, which only a few Europeans have observed in the wild.

Key words to describe the zoo are nature, scenery and the wild. The zoo is totally different from other European zoos, which are characterised by bars and heavy padlocks. In Kristiansand Zoo the animals have wide open space, where the visitors nevertheless can get close up, for example, to the red panda, which is threatened by extinction.

The zoo is cooperating closely with the World Wildlife Foundation to save animal species under threat of extinction. More than 800 animals and birds live in as much freedom as is possible in a natural environment. Several kilometres of good paths provide the opportunity for visitors to roam around for hours. In the zoo you will also find Summer Island (a bathing area) and a summer bobsleigh.AII activities in the zoo are included in the entrance tic ket. Kristiansand Zoo offers a whole day"s experience for both children and adults.


Fifty kilometres north of Kristiansand you will find Setesdal Rafting & Activity Centre, run by Troll Mountain. This is a centre which arranges rafting, canoeing, mountaineering and mountain biking activities as well as elk and beaver safaris. The rafting trips last from 2 - 6 hours, and take place at the idyllic waterfall Syrtveitfossen. The trips, which vary in degree of diffculty, take place every day in scenic, demanding surroundings. For the most advanced there is the opportunity to surf down Syrtveitfossen. If you want to climb, then everything from simple to demanding routes is available.

If you are happier under, rather than above, water we can offer everything in diving: basic course, advanced, rescue diving, first aid, diving leader and assistant instructor courses, as well as a number of special courses, for example, wreck, night and deep-diving courses. AII imaginable equipment can be hired fnom diving centres in the region. The whole of the skerries from Lillesand to Søgne is an eldorado for all types of diving. If you want to dive on one of Norway´s most interesting shipwrecks, then the Second World War wreck M/S Seattle is one of the best preserved diving targets along the whole of the Norwegian coast.The ship lies at a depth of 20 60 m in the Kristiansand Fjord. In Kristiansand there are several places where you can hire a bicycle.


Kristiansand is Norway´s fifth largest town in Norway. The town is the trade and communications centre for the south of Norway and has extensive train. bus, ferry and plane links with the rest of the Norway and elsewhere. Kristiansand has the country´s seeond largest harbour, largest college and an economy based on industry, trade and tourism. The town was founded by King Christian IV in 1641 and the town centre is built in the renaissance style.

A shopping trip in this town with its chessboard pattern is both easy and fun! All kinds of shops feature along the pavements and in the pedestrian precincts. All the fruit and vegetable stalls are to be found in the square in the town centre. From the square, it"s just a short distance to all four quarters of the town which are contained within an area of one square km!

The fishermen"s wharf and Gravanekanalen (the Gravane Canal) are located in one of the town"s four quarters. Here, one can find an exciting fish market, a lively restaurant environment, small boat traffic and sightseeing boats. The indoor swimming pool and Bystranda (a fatastic sandy beach - in the town!) are located in the next quarter. You can even fish for salmon in the river Otra just a couple of stone"s throws away!

The town"s communications hub, with its railway, bus and ferry terminal, is located in the third quarter of the town, while the fourth and final quarter contains Posebyen, which consists of Northern Europe"s largest collection of low, terraced, white, wooden houses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

Just a few kilometres east is Sørlandsparken, with 200 different shops, 100 of which are gathered together under the same roof in Sørlandssenteret (shopping centre). The area has more than 3,000 free parking spaces. Eleven miles east of the city is the Kristiansand zoo, which also includes Cardamom Town and other attractions popular with Norwegian children.


The town has a beautiful, sheltered location between the fjords of Grisefjorden and Flekkefjorden, and is characterised by the old, picturesque wooden houses, some of which are listed. The town flourished with the rich herring fishing of 1820 - 30s and Flekkefjord was an important port for the export of timber to the Netherlands. The oldest part of town is called "Hollenderbyen" (Dutch town), and it has many listed wooden houses and a unique history. After a new municipality zoning arrangement in 1965, Flekkefjord also included the former surrounding counties of Nes, Hidra, Bakke and Gyland.


Farsund is the largest agricultural district in the county of Vest-Agder, having 26 km2 productive land, 88 km2 forest and 17 km2 freshwater areas. Farsund was already recognized as a trading centre in 1795, and in 1995 celebrated its 200-years jubilee with town status.

Vanse, was formerly the largest centre of population in the district. Today it has approximately 2.500 inhabitants, and some of the council offices are still situated there.

Around Farsund and Lista which has inspired many artists is extremely varied, with a rugged coastline, fine sandy beaches, many islands, mountainous and forest regions. Lista has a large airfield which is at present used mainly for inland routes. Farsund was formerly an important ship-owning town with up to 50 registered vessels.

The numerous stone fences and clearings are the most characteristic features of the agricultural landscape of Western Lista. The number, size and density of these testify to the hard labour involved in clearing this land.


The town is built on both sides of the Mandalselva river mouth. Mandal salmon was a 17th century delicacy. Salmon vanished from the river for many years, owing to pollution and acid rain, but as a result of liming and cultivation, it has now returned.

Mandal is a cheerful south coast town, with a country park of over 100 hectares and 2 km of sandy beaches. The most famous beach, Sjøsanden, is a short walk from the town centre. For a sense of the town"s history, take a stroll through the wellpreserved wooden houses in the pedestrian precinct. Mandal is a lively commercial centre, with plenty of interesting shops.


This is Norway´s southernmost district. Lindesnes lighthouse, situated 2,518 kilometres from North Cape, is the southernmost point on mainland Norway. The district has a 90 kilometre coastline with sandy beaches and idyllic harbours such as Svinør, Åvik and Lillehavn. Vigeland is the district centre.

The river Audna which is once more good for fishing runs through the district like a central nerve. Lindesnes has a wide variety of services and industries, a unique culture, many leisure activities on offer, good communications and a growing tourist industry.


In every municipality you will find links to Local Directory. This will give you information ON whats happen localy in the municipality even Job vacancy.


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The choice of different activities in Norway such as Fjords, Golf, Skiing, Cycling, Cruising, Fishing, Stave churches etc.


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Vest Agder map of Norway with county marked

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