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Sirdal in Norway Sirdal municipality coat of arms


1.554,7 km2

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Sirdal muncipality has approximately 2.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 1.554,7 km2. At the north end of its long narrow lake, Siredalsvatn, lies the administrative center of the municipality in the village of Tonstad. Bjørnestad is another village lying in Sirdal. In 1990, the mountain road opened between Sirdal via the Suleskard mountain pass and eastwards over to neighboring Brokke in Setesdal. It shortens the distance from Oslo to Stavanger by 110 km in the summer, and passes through barren, glacier scoured highland and by Rosskreppfjordeny as it ascends to over 1,000 metres above sea level.

Sirdal is one of Norway´s major power generating districts. The story of hydroelectric power can be experienced by visiting Tonstad power station where one of the largest glass sculptures (17 tonnes of glass) in northern Europe can be seen. It is a symhol of "pure energy". The main source of income for Sirdal is the Sira-Kvina Power Company.

Tourism is also an important source of income for the Sirdal economy, taking advantage of the extensive mountains, mountainous plateaus, lakes and the great views. There are multiple alpine resorts and hotels in the valley, as well as cottages and camp spots. Winter activities include six ski resorts for winter enjoyment. Downhill ski areas include Bjørnestad Ski Centre, Ålsheia Ski Centre, Sirdal Alpine Centre, Fidjeland Ski Centre, and Ådneram Ski lift. Cross-country skiers can enjoy dozens of trails over spectacular terrain. Summer activities include hiking, horseback riding, and river rafting.

Sirdal is located at a transport crossroads, with the dramatic mountain road descending nearly 1000 metres to Lysebotn at the bottom of the Lysefjorden fjord, or there is a road eastwards, the Brokke - Suleskarveien, which goes to Setesdal. The roads from Rogaland and Kvinesdal also meet in Sirdal. The high point of the year occurs in September when over 40,000 sheep are brought down from the mountain. This is a traditional event which has a hint of festival about it.


Old buildings of historical interest. farmhouse, barn, schoolroom, smithy. A collection of furnishings and tools. Guided tours every day during the summer season.


Private museum with artifacts from the "Old days" Open by arrangement.


Controlled watercourse, little water. Old road from Dorga among beautiful natural surrondings.


A 90 meteres high stone dam. Can be seen from RV 468 highway in Fidjeland.


A small island on Sirdalsvatnet. Legend has it that Queen Astrid and Olav Tryggvason spent the night here. May be seen from RV 49 some 5 minutes after passing Tonstad in the direction of Haugholm.


According to the legend King Øystein once spent the night here. A 22 metres wide mountain cave right next to Tjørhomsvannet.


Old milking house on the heath between Sirdal and Kvinesdal. Marked trail from Josdal and Tonstadtippen. Overnight accommodation. Old labourers' trail. Some 2 hours by foot from Tonstad.


Daily tours of one of northern Europe's largest hydro-elcctric power stations. For group tours out of season, contact Sirdalsferie A/S. The power station is located 7011 meters inside the mountain, and inside the station you will see one of northern Europe's largest glass structures.


40.000 sheep are brought down from the Sirdalsheiane moors. Having come down, they are shorn. There are many events at Kvæven Bygdetun. "Marken" at Kvæven Kro.


Guided tours and excursions in the mountains and wilderness. Canoe trips. Necessary equipment and clothing for hire. Radio and safety equipment. High standard. Individual tailor made tours arranged according to requirements.


A Beaver safari 2 - 3 day canoe trip accompanied by a guide.


Canoes can be hired every day during the summer season. Group discounts available.


In Øvre Sirdal you can catch trout or char. Rod fishing in Sira. Net fishing possible in Rosskreppfjorden and the Øyarvatn lake.