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224,6 km2

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Re municipality has approximately 9.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 224,6 km2. In Januar 2002 Ramnes and Våle township become one.


Ramnes is an attractive village with beautiful rolling countryside and forestry areas. Altogether it covers an area of 139 km2, with about 3.700 inhabitants. It is primarily an agricultural area with well run farms covering a total area of 3,650 hectare of cultivated land. Ramnessletta in the south is especially impressive with large agricultural areas. Ramnes has the most animals in the county of Vesffold - about 1.700 cattle and sheep.

Langevannet and Merkedammen in Ramnes tempt us with bathing and fishing. Other attractions in Ramnes are bygdetunet at Brår, excellent rambling areas in both summer and winter, beny and mushroom picking, and hunting. Ramnes is an attractive residential area, the reason for this being the surrounding countryside and excellent walking areas.

Ramnes is known from the sagas with the battles at Re in 1163 and in 1177. The battleground lies near Ramnes church. It was here that the battle between Magnus Erlingsson, son of Erling Skakke, and king of the birkebeiner, Øystein Møyla took place in 1177. The 800 year's memorial of the batlle was marked by the production of Kare Holt's piece " Earth ", with music by Ragnvald Strand.

Hans Morten Thrane Esmark, theologian, developed in the 1860's in close co-operation with Svend Foyn, the grenade explosive technique which lay the foundation for the whole of the modern whaling industry. Ramnes Environmental Centre is a pilot project for recycling which has been situated esthetically into the landscape.


Våle township has approximately 4. 250 inhabitants. The principal industries are public and private services, industry, agriculture and forestry.


Fishing possibilities are good in Oslofjorden.


Re Golfclub is a golf course with 9 holes and a variation of difficulties.